Week One

This has been the easiest week of rationing as the house is still full of food since before rationing began. I am calculating our points from our shopping trip today as we ended up buying some additional goods at a Chinese grocery as they were unspeakably cheap and could not be passed up.

We’re already making modifications to how we are going to do this project because in the modern world, we have access to everything at all times. There is no danger of not having access to something just because it’s winter in Western Pennsylvania. The only thing that is happening currently that will have the same kind of effect as rationing had was the milk price scare that occurred earlier this month. I’m going to make a stack of cards denoting what items will not be available to us – sugar, milk, eggs, etc. We tend to plan our meals for the week on Sundays, which is what dictates our shopping list. Doing the project has put a wrench in this as we have to start with the food and then allow the menus to follow. Given that I’m sure that there were people like me during the time of rationing I’m sure that this wasn’t a unique problem. The doing is fine, it’s reacting to the change in the security of the routine that causes the difficulty.

This week, before doing the cards, I chose to restrict our access to eggs as we only had a few, and the ration for fresh eggs was pretty strict, requiring the use of dried eggs as a replacement. As we live in the modern world, we know about more egg replacements and have a number of vegan cookbooks that don’t require eggs at all. This doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, but certainly easier than relying on dried eggs, a good that is quite difficult to find in supermarkets. They are trivial to find online, but that feels like it’s entirely outside of the spirit of the project. Using known replacements (which are usually some kind of fat and a liquid for whole eggs) at least speaks back to items that were controlled, yet easily available.

The full accounting of our first week will be next Sunday along with at least one recipe.

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