The Giveaway is still LIVE

The giveaway is still live and waiting for you to enter!

The prize is a brand-new copy of “Early French Cookery: Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations” by D. Eleanor Scully and Terence Scully with illuminations by J. David Scully. This is an important resource for understanding French cuisine of the 14th and 15th century. The primary sources that are focused on are the Viandier de Taillevant, Menagier de Paris, and Du fait de cuisine. Excellently written and beautifully illustrated, it is the most comprehensive analysis of the history of French cuisine up to the 15th century.

To enter the giveaway, click on the link below. You will be asked to become a Patron and visit my Facebook page. When the giveaway closes this Wednesday, a winner will be randomly chosen. I will then contact you so that I may send you your prize!

The giveaway started on, Wednesday, 10 May 2017 and ends THIS Wednesday, 17 May 2017.

There is also a Patron-only update that came out on Friday the 12th of May about Back Pocket Feasts, a new way of building and planning a medieval feast. It’s in its early stages and I’m seeking input. Becoming a Patron means that you will be able to see Patron-only content and participate in Patron-only events (like this giveaway).

Follow this link to enter!

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