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Ivan Day Lecture in Ohio

On Friday, Ivan Day gave an amazing presentation, which I was, unfortunately, unable to attend. I was waiting for some detailed information from those who did attend so that I could share them and this afternoon, Elise Fleming (Dame Alys)…

Lent 2014

It’s Lent, time to give up eggs, dairy, and meat. Is anyone else following a Medieval Lenten diet? Our family has been doing it for about six years now and our diet ends up closer to a modern vegan diet…

Roman Ovens

From Parthian Chicken to Flat Breads:Experimenting with a Roman Oven I’ve been fascinated with these for a while and this article is really exciting. h/t to Denise Wolff

Moelgen of Middeleeuwse Eiercustard

“Moelgen, or Medieval Egg Custard” http://lullula.blogspot.be/2013/04/moelgen-of-middeleeuwse-eiercustard.html This is in Dutch, but you should be able to get all of the information by piping it through Google Translate or similar translation programs. h/t Isis Sturtewagon