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ABCDEFGH I got a gal in Kalamazoo..

This last weekend was the “International Congress of Medieval Studies” at the University of Michigan in Kalamazoo, MI, most commonly just called “Kalamazoo”. Every medievalist that wants to be taken seriously in the academic world needs to attend/present there. If…

Ivan Day Lecture in Ohio

On Friday, Ivan Day gave an amazing presentation, which I was, unfortunately, unable to attend. I was waiting for some detailed information from those who did attend so that I could share them and this afternoon, Elise Fleming (Dame Alys)…

Lent 2014

It’s Lent, time to give up eggs, dairy, and meat. Is anyone else following a Medieval Lenten diet? Our family has been doing it for about six years now and our diet ends up closer to a modern vegan diet…

Roman Ovens

From Parthian Chicken to Flat Breads:Experimenting with a Roman Oven I’ve been fascinated with these for a while and this article is really exciting. h/t to Denise Wolff

Moelgen of Middeleeuwse Eiercustard

“Moelgen, or Medieval Egg Custard” http://lullula.blogspot.be/2013/04/moelgen-of-middeleeuwse-eiercustard.html This is in Dutch, but you should be able to get all of the information by piping it through Google Translate or similar translation programs. h/t Isis Sturtewagon