Make Do and Mend: Composting

At our house, nothing goes to waste, including food waste. If it can’t be eaten, it either goes to the chickens or the composter. I participated in a composting class offered through the East End Food Co-Op several years ago and as part of that class received an Earth Machine style compost bin that we have outside of our house.

The value of composting is that nothing in your house goes to waste. When you are preparing food, instead of throwing away the tops, tails, and peelings – put them in a bowl to go out to your outdoor composter or, if you prefer, an inside composter.

The one thing that we don’t put in the composter is the straw that we clean out of the chicken coop. This is not for any reason other than we compost it in a pile during the spring/summer and then use that partially composted straw to cover the garden during the autumn/winter. During the winter, it continues to compost, albeit slowly, and we work it into the soil in the spring.

Some valuable composting information resources:

3 Ways to Start Composting.

DIY Kitchen Compost Bucket

Your local Co-Op may also offer composting classes.

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