Lijsbet de Keukere
The Medieval Dutch Kitchen (Blog)


Companion of the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc, 02/06/2016
Companion of the Sycamore 06/28/2014

Awards Companion of the Keystone (w/AoA) 06/14/2008
Companion of the Capstan (Delftwood [Arts]) 01/04/2014
Companion of the Windmill (Delftwood [Svc.]) 05/10/2008

Winner of the 7 Pearls A&S Competition, 2016
Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion (Delftwood), 2015-2016
Baronial Bardic Champion (Delftwood), 2010-2011
Winner of the Seven Pearls Bardic Competition in 2010

Deputy to the Kingdom Media Liason, Kingdom of Æthelmearc, 2015-present
Head of the Delftwood Cooks’ Guild, Barony of Delftwood, 2012-present

Previous Positions Held
AEthelmearc Region 5 Chatelaine, September 2013-May 2015
Arts & Sciences Minister, Barony of Delftwood, June 2012-June2015

Other Leadership Roles
Food and Service Coordinator, AEthelmearc Kingdom Party, August 2016
Coordinator, The Scarlet Apron Competition, 2016-present
Coordinator, Cast Iron Chef Cooking Tournament, 2015-present
Head of the Delftwood Cooks’ Guild, 2012-present

Events as Head Cook
Æthelmearc Crown Tournament, May 2016
Æthelmearc Seven Pearls Dinner: A Flemish Feast, August 2015
Delftwood Yule: Yule Across Europe, January 2014
Delftwood Yule: Alsatian Yule, December 2012
Æthelmearc Spring Crown Tournament, May 2012
Delftwood Yule: Return of the Holly King, December 2010
Delftwood Martial Schola and Heavy Tourney, May 2007

Events Autocratted
Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, February 2014
Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, February 2007

Classes Taught
A Workshop On Sausage/The Wurst Workshop
Deltfwood A&S, January 2014
AEthelmearc AEcademy, November 2014
Delftwood A&S, January 2016

An Introduction to Medieval Gastronomy: English and French Cuisine in the 14th and 15th Centuries
Delftwood A&S, October 2015

Feastocratting 101: How I Learned to Run an SCA Event Kitchen
Delftwood A&S, July 2015

Sotelties: Apple Roses
Delftwood A&S, June 2014

Sotelties: Marzipan Play Time
Delftwood A&S, February 2015
Delftwood A&S, November 2012

Feastocrat Roundtable
Delftwood A&S, Summer 2013

Basic Recipe Redaction
Delftwood A&S, Spring 2013