Housekeeping – A Post of Information

As most of you have noticed, there hasn’t been much posted during this Summer. I have been taking the opportunity to build a plan that works for me during the school year (which, for me, runs from September through May). Here is what will be happening going forward:

1. You will see posts every Tuesday morning starting on 3 September 2013 and ending on 17 June 2014. They will cover a variety of food subjects, including some technique (like canning).
2. I will be covering a number of subjects, most of which I have been spending my summer researching so that I could have enough time to write everything up.
3. Starting on 28 January 2014, each month I will be bringing you an analysis and interpretation of a dish from “eenen seer schoonen ende excellenten cocboeck” (Dutch 1593).
4. Until I have completed my degree (graduation is slated for 2015), I will be taking a Summer vacation from blogging. I will include any interesting links that I come across, but the summer will be dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best content that I can deliver during the school year.

An Opportunity

One thing that I would like to do is to have guest writers contribute material for the blog. Here are the submission requirements:

1. An abstract of your article (100-200 words) must be submitted for approval.
2. The article can deal with any aspect of food history, in any country, and at any time.
3. All articles must conform to the Chicago style, including citation.
4. Any recipes included will always belong to the creator.

If you are interested in submitting something, please contact me at jenn (dot) strobel (at) gmail (dot) com. If I have enough in the way of submissions, we can avoid the summer hiatus entirely.

I apologize that this summer has been disappointing, however, it was entirely so that I could establish a sustainable and useful means by which to share information and have a schedule for research and publication that wouldn’t easily be disrupted by classwork.

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Jennifer writes about Food History and other food-related topics on her personal blog when she is not working full time, spending time with her family, or being a full-time student.
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