Forme of Cury in Context – Thoughts

So, in doing research to write my paper putting Forme of Cury into historical perspective, I am Having Thoughts. The more that I read about Richard II’s competition with Charles VIs court, his continual efforts to end the Hundred Year War, and his having been born in France (Bordeaux) – the more I’m starting to wonder if Forme of Cury may be more French than English in its flavoring and composition.

This is a tentative theory and was wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on this subject. I already have copies of Le Ménagier de Paris and Le Viandier de Taillevent (contemporary French works) to start analyzing. This is all very much the beginning of the research.

This also means that I’m behind with my paper by a day or so…I started ruminating on page and had to edit much.


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