Forme of Cury in Context – Another Edit

The paper that lives outside of my comfort zone is finally close to completion. I’ve reached the point where I have to set it aside for a while so that I can read it again and I’ve been seeking input from others. Mostly this project was about shaking myself up. I’ve felt plateaued and lost a degree of enjoyment in the work that I was doing, to the point that I was questioning why I was bothering to finish a degree. Finding a culture and time that I didn’t really know much about, nor had I done any real in-depth research was helpful in finding my mojo again (to some degree).

The current version is available for viewing here. If you read it and have suggestions or comments, please comment below or send me email.

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Jennifer writes about Food History and other food-related topics on her personal blog when she is not working full time, spending time with her family, or being a full-time student.
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