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I know that you all have a blog or organization or group that is your regular go-to for research information or inspiration. On Fridays, I encourage you to share your favorite food history links on Twitter and use the hashtag “#foodhistoryfriday”. Sharing knowledge makes us all better researchers and writers.

Food History Links – Collections
Smithsonian Magazine Articles Tagged Food History. This is a collection of articles that spans the breadth of history and includes quite a number of subjects. This is useful if you’re just looking for a good read, have some specific research, or need some inspiration for your next experiment or article. From Smithsonian Magazine.

Food 52: Food History 101. Food52 features food history articles from time to time and this is the page where you can browse what they have so far and as articles are added, will appear when you visit again. The articles are not scholarly (for the most part) but the writing is engaging. Being a more scholarly sort, I found the articles very interesting and it inspired me to change up how I write about food because sometimes a story is a nicer read than an analysis.

What’s Cooking Uncle Sam? (photo set). This is a Flickr set that was shared by the National Archives in conjunction with the exhibit “What’s Cooking Uncle Sam?” in 2011. The pictures are very interesting and include a nutrition chart from the 1940’s that includes butter as its own food group.

The birds and the ants: Animal-inspired algorithms can optimize bakery production By Kacey Culliney (08-Aug-2013)
Using animal-inspired evolutionary algorithms can improve production efficiency and cut costs in bakeries, new research finds.

Extremely Useful Things
Measurement Guide. This is a list of equivalencies for measurements to make increasing or decreasing recipes easier. It also helps if you’re in a “field situation”* or are enjoying your first apartment and haven’t quite made the trip to the dollar store to pick up a cheap set of measuring utensils and only have what the previous tenant left. From Clotted Cream Recipe. From

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