Food History Friday #foodhistorylinks

Here is your weekly roundup of Food History links.

Medieval Arabs Ate Lizards After Advent Of Islam, Archaeological Evidence Suggests (Huffington Post, from LiveScience)

Wikipedia Article on Slovenian Cuisine I’ve been doing more research into the cuisine of my forefathers and this is where I started. Fortunately, I’m only fourth generation, so I have a lot of family to talk with, but needed an objective overview (Slovenians are not objective about food or what’s “traditional” or “right”).

Video Links
Koken in de Middeleeuwen (Cooking in the Middle Ages (from the Encampment of the Federation of Christophorus. In Dutch.)

Een Middeleeuws Banket (A Medieval Banquet) (h/t Denise Wolff)

Getting Started in Food History (Rachel Laudan, “A Historians Take on Food and Food Politics”)

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