Food History Friday #foodhistorylinks

Archaeologists unearth 1,300-year-old Anglo Saxon feasting hall inches below village green in first major find of its kind in 30 years (The Daily Mail)

Exploring the Tang of Dutch Genever (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Re-Enactment Specific
10 Tips for How to Look More Medieval
Some good advice from “TheMedievalNun” for how to up your game. Because food is only part of the experience.

Scholarly Works
Contributions of Medieval Food Manuals to Spain’s Culinary Heritage by Carolyn A. Nadeau (Cincinnati Romance Review)

Patterns of urban rebellion in medieval Flanders
While not strictly food-related, understanding the environment in which the people lived offers another dimension to the food that they ate. This is a paid site.

Journal of Medieval History, special food edition
There are a number of interesting articles about early medieval and medieval food in a number of cultures. This is a paid site.

Merton College Library (Oxford)
This is the facebook page for the Merton College Library at Oxford.

Blogs with a Medieval Bent
“A blog about crafts in general, and historical (mainly medieval) crafts in particular.”

Medieval Spanish Chef
“After becoming an avid researcher in college, I continued to dig up historial information from the National Library of Spain in Madrid during the decades that I lived there.”

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