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We took a trip to a Fishmonger today where I let Pookie choose the kind of fish and how we were going to prepare it. While we were there, I noted that they had full Salmon carcasses including the heads and tails and realized that making some salmon stock would be A Very Nice thing.

The recipe that Pookie chose for how we’re preparing the Salmon is from “Cookin’ with Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price“. The recipe is “Alakazam’n Salmon” – Salmon marinated with lemon, olive oil, onion, and garlic and then grilled. We also found some gigantic brussels sprouts to throw on the grill with the fish. The only thing that we didn’t find that would have been nice is some grilled fennel, but the height of the season is Autumn through Early Spring so I’m a bit late for that.

I’ve not decided what to do about the stock, but that’s kind of the beauty of stock. It freezes a treat and it’s just there when you figure out what you’d like to do with it. I’m thinking that this will probably get used in the Autumn, when I’m not quite ready for the onset of Winter and want to have a final taste of Summer.

Salmon Stock

The tail, center bones, and head of a Salmon
three small onions, quartered
three carrots, cut into a 1″ dice
Heart of celery
2 t Auntie Arwen’s Ocean Critter Salt-Free Seafood Blend
1/2 t Fenugreek seeds
2 t Gumbo File

Put the vegetables and spices into the pot.
Add the fish and cover with cold water.
Simmer for about two hours.
Drain and compost the fish/vegetables.

Pictures – Process and Ingredients:

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