Conflict Kitchen

One of the things that I find most interesting about food history is the association between food and culture. This project is a specific way to ease people into a conversation about the people and culture in a country with which the United States is currently in conflict.

Sometimes, seeing a country as a group of individual people is the best way to come to an understanding of their humanity. Food is the most direct way to share a common, everyday experience of those individuals. No, it may not bring about world peace or lead someone away from a lifetime of prejudices, but it can serve as a way to start a conversation with those who are open to learning, ideas, and the idea that humanity is connected through the simplest of everyday actions.

Conflict Kitchen.

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About Jenn

Jennifer writes about Food History and other food-related topics on her personal blog when she is not working full time, spending time with her family, or being a full-time student.
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