Welcome to the website for Jennifer Strobel, Food Historian.

In 2001, I began the serious study of Medieval Food, primarily under the tutelage of James Matterer, the force behind Gode Cookery. Since 2003, I have provided information specific to medieval cooking on the internet at medievalcooking.org. As the years have moved on, I have diversified my areas of interest to include the Victorian Era in England, Rationing during World War II, the immigrant experience in Pittsburgh, modern trends in food, and hunger and food supply awareness and activism.

This diversity of interest has never fit well when I tried to include it at Medieval Cooking and the idea of splitting off into another blog just seemed to be making too much work. As time has gone on and with my returning to school in order to pursue Food History in a more academic and less hobby-ist way, it seemed time to begin writing about all of the things that I was interested in, rather than including it at Medieval Cooking. I eventually migrated the content from MC to this blog and Medieval Cooking officially shuttered its doors in 2013.

I am usually generous with my permission to use/reprint/etc. any material that I write so please, if you are going to use anything from this website, please ask. If you are in a hurry or forget and have a deadline, please properly cite this website and send me a link or copy of your work. I’m happy to publish the link or the work here, if you would like.

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Thank you for joining me.